How does TireGuard TPMS work?

This is a high quality new generation system: self-programmable and easy to transfer to another vehicle.

  • Each tyre gets fitted with a tiny Internal or External sender unit that simply screws onto the valve stem in place of the valve cap.
  • The External sensor simply screws onto the valve stem in place of the valve cap. The Internal Sensor replaces the valve and is installed at a Tyre Shop.
  • This sends a radio signal to a monitor that looks like a small cell-phone, which checks the readings against parameters that you have set for that specific tyre, warning you when it is at risk.
  • You may at any time check each tyre's pressure and temperature by repeatedly pressing a single button.
  • You can reprogram limits for any wheel in seconds. This is a new generation system which overcomes deficiencies of previous systems.
  • Niceties abound, from user-replaceable sender unit batteries (CR1632 which lasts a year) to monitor battery recharged from a lighter socket every two months or so, giving the system an indefinite life.
  • Transferable to another vehicle in a minute. (Take it on holiday and fit to the hire car, one never knows how their tyres have been abused.)
  • Comes standard with six sensors, so the trailer with your precious toys on it, is covered. Expandable to 22 wheels, extra sensors costs only R250 each, VAT included.