TireGuard TPMS

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

For Peace of Mind while you Drive or Tow.

TireGuard Tyre Pressure Monitoring System with 6 or more Internal and External sensors

Keeping your Valuables Safe.



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  • TireGuard keeps an eye on all the wheels while you drive.
  • Wireless TPMS.
  • The Monitor gives a Warning when the Tyre loses Pressure or when it Overheats.
  • TireGuard Sensors can be installed either Inside the tyre or on the External valve.
  • Internal and External Sensors can work Simultaneously together on One Monitor.
  • The User him/her-Self Programs the TireGuard with a Normal Pressure for Each Wheel.
  • A signal enhancer is unnecessary, even for a long combination.
  • A TireGuard Monitor can accommodate up to 22 Wheels.
  • Operating Distance: 20 meter plus.
  • Pressure Range: 0 Bar to 16Bar
  • Temperature Range: -10°C to 85°C
  • All Components are Available separately and are covered by a One-Year Guarantee.
  • We import Directly from the factory and supply Directly to our Customers in South Africa. Hence keeping the TireGuard System Affordable.
  • Excellent After Sales Service. Your TireGuard TPMS must Function Perfectly.
  • A TireGuard System for 6 Wheels costs only R2450.
  • Ekstra Sensor R250.
  • Delivery Countrywide at R100.
  • Free Delivery in Centurion.

Slow Leakage Warning

Audible & Visual

Over-Heating Warning

Audible & Visual

Don't stop your journey.

Prevent a Tyre burst.

Don't stop your journey.

Prevent a Tyre burst.

Our Story

"We love travelling and playing golf. My wife and I are trying to play all the golf courses in South Africa at least once. We started in 2015. So far 205 different courses.

We travel many a country road, preferring gravel and more remote roads/paths. Most of the time we have some type of trailer in tow.

Many years ago, while travelling in Namibia, we nearly wrote off our 4x4 vehicle because of a burst tyre. Since then, we have tried out several Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems.

After a few trials, we started importing TireGuard for our group of friends and 8 years later, we still use and distribute TireGuard TPMS. It gives us peace of mind travelling to remote places in Africa and following our golfing dream. "