How to install TireGuard TPMS

Step by step instructions to set up your TireGuard TPMS

Before setting the monitor and installing the sensors, make sure you have inflated the vehicle’s tyres to your required pressures.
There is no need to charge the monitor battery, I have done that already.
I have also already changed the units from American to decimal.

1) Fit batteries onto sensors:

2) Switch-on Monitor by pressing the Middle Button.

3) Set Normal Pressure:

4) Register External wheel sensors on the monitor:

5) To register active sensors to the monitor:

6) Internal Sensors are installed at a Tyre Shop.

7) Mounting the monitor:

8) Notes on Pressure Reading:

9) To reset a position of sensor:

10) Sleep Mode:

11) Answers to Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

Safe Journey!